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The younger generation has limited potential to access the upcoming competition and the future technologies to keep up with the gaming industry and its configuration. Medirat Arena is the upcoming generation of gaming arena which provides greater productivity levels to the masses. Growing with the economy of India, the gaming industry and video platforms are a huge part of the coming generation, and thus we want to be the ones who have a working space that provides all of it under one roof7. From high-speed internet connectivity, pre-game boost and strategy making to the most extreme machines in the gaming industry that human has ever seen, our company provides everything for a greater future that holds the path of success for their passion.


1. With an increasing industry comes the demand to have the greatest technology possible. Thus, we are trying to create a great environment for the present generation which has the talent, power, and execution abilities to perform better on future platforms. From advanced screens and gaming consoles to high-end devices, we would provide the best technology possible integrated with a challenging environment and high-speed connectivity. Eliminating any form of disrupting behavior between intense gaming hours, our company helps provide the perfect aura for that win!

2. To enhance the culture of gaming and animation, we are trying to have a renowned societal impact that can lead to greater industrial domination. Gamers have the skills that can be outperformed by no one, and in the blink of an eye, their determination can help anyone achieve the biggest tasks with ease. Gaming society is known to be reflexive, agile, and full of energy during long sessions and requires great concentration.

3. Each game has a unique style, and each player has the ability to perform at his/her best in optimum conditions. Making a league of their own, the company will train the coming leaders and influencers for that one win that can change the name of our chapter.

Cost and Installation

We know that the gaming industry seeks a great amount of investment, but at the end, as Henry Royce said, “Strive for perfection in everything you do. When something does not exist, design it. The cost paid for the product would be long forgotten when the quality persists for the generations to come.”. With the same ideology, we are going to open one of its kind industrial standard gaming arena that has the aura, definition, and impact for the future of gaming influencers.

We would be working with the pyramid model, where we would be working closely as per the public demand and in phases.

Phase 1 : START: Standard consoles, high-end mobile devices, and a set of modular high-end gaming arenas that would help have a starting experience and know the behavior of the consumer.

1. iPhones / Oneplus Devices — High-end mobile devices that would focus on the mobile version of games. Paid versions for different variants would be available as well with a focus to work on a defined pattern and business model.

2. PS5, Xbox One — High-end console games that would focus the daily players and bring in the crowd.

3. Screens and Couch — Addition of TV room, watching station and different versions of OTT platforms for group gatherings.

4. High-End PC build — 2 stations for high-end up to standards devices with the capability to handle long hours of gameplay.

Phase 2: CHANNELIZING THE GROWTH: Adding equipment, launching esports tournament, and going national with a potential team to compete in challenges and win!

Phase 3: OPENING FRANCHISES AND GOING FOR THE FUTURE EXPANSION: Working internationally and helping brands get recognized, collaborating with other franchises, and launching the ladder series for future talent.

Breakdown of Costs

1. Mobile devices -

iPhone 12–2 counts 60k-65k (plus 4k access.)

ROG 5–2 count 40k-50k (plus 3k access.)

2. Consoles -

PS5 1TB — 3 count 60k-75k (OD) (plus 20k accs.)

Xbox One S — 2 counts 40k-50k (plus 20k access.)

3. High-end PCs -

AMD Ryzen Core

SSD 1024 GB

Nvidia 2080TI

Antec power Unit

Logitech Keyboard, Mouse, and Headphones

Controller, Logitech

120hz 27” monitor

Gigabyte Chassis

Total Cost Around 1.5 lacs/PC

4. Gaming Laptops -

Any ranging from 1–1.5 Lacs, Count 2

5. TV Room

Multiple sound systems with huge 85” TV

Food and Beverages with live sessions


Cost Can Be Reduced As Of Starting Date

Rates May Vary with Demand

Given Cost is to be spent for the first year,

none of the objects were bought at once.

Profit and Loss

I. Profit

Ranging from mobile games to console ones, the profit target would be based on the performance shown by the basic advertisement partners and logged in users.

The main profits will be gained from the repetitive consoles and daily usage products such as PS5, Phones, and average laptops for gaming. The high-end gaming rigs would be used for commercial editing and different purposes to make the venture profitable from day 1.

II. Loss

As per the pandemic, we would be facing issues with security and protocol services. Also, we would be required for basic infrastructure which may not be sold as a reseller basis for bankruptcy. Other than that, most of the costs can be retracted even if the business fails within the first year.

What the blog is all about

since childhood, I have been bred with the mindset of owning things, and reflecting on what you own, regardless of the differences in experiences or any other processes. This is how I think, this is how I spent my every second for the last 3 months, working on market research, or being able to know how the customer response would be, or how I would build this company from scratch.

While I was sitting to write this blog, all I could think of was how the equipment would work, how it would be placed, if the landlord would approve our work, if there are any other devices I would add…

Everything was just a fluke, and I wrote down my heart to pad whatever I wanted to. This blog is not edited, nor thought of. It is how my OCD triggers every day and tells me to think of anything better, be a perfectionist or just do something about it. This is all the info I could think of, and just pasted it over here in this little blog.

I know this is not a typical blog, but hey! WHo are we to define the experience? For me this is all of it fr the last 3 months, and I would never change it even for the evaluation due. I have never cared about the grades, but have always been a part of my own dreamland where I try to erode the lines that differentiate such pretexts. You can say it is a proposal, a simply exaggerated blog, a report, or even a mind dump, but all I know is, this is me in these 927 words that I could think of.

Hope you love it, folks!


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